Drive Sales Velocity through Einstein – Salesforce’s flagship AI tool

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Posted on: 28.09.2020
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Drive Sales Velocity through Einstein – Salesforce’s flagship AI tool

Salesforce unleashed the power of predictive analytics through Einstein, first launched in 2016. Einstein, often referred to as the “AI for CRM”) can be leveraged by businesses to predict future behavior while pre-empting corrective action.

According to an article published on NADAQ, “Salesforce.com (NYSE: CRM) estimates that AI-related CRM spending will jump nearly five-fold to $46.3 billion in 2021 from 2016 levels. This is why Salesforce is busy integrating AI features into its services, and its latest addition could help it attack a lucrative niche of the CRM space.”

Salesforce continues to bet on Einstein, AI, advanced analytics and their application (beyond CRM) as indicated in its 2020 Annual Report

Most organisations struggle with the technical expertise and infrastructure required to develop and / or deliver results using Artificial Intelligence solutions. Salesforce Einstein bridges that chasm by providing a suite of tools enabling companies to monetise their data through intelligent insights.

Sales Rep’s can generate qualified leads faster, improve conversions and accelerate wins by leveraging Einstein’s predictive guidance as follows:


Lead scoring

Sales Cloud-Einstein can automatically analyze historical sales data to surface top factors that determine the probability of a lead converting to an opportunity. Data science augments the Lead Scoring process while machine learning improves the accuracy of predictions over time.

Einstein factors in lead/prospect sentiment by analysing historical engagement and trends in order to identify targets with the highest win probability.  Lead insights offered via Einstein provides a competitive advantage to Account Executives by focusing them on leads with the highest propensity to subscribe.


Account Insights

Account level insights are are generated by analysing the account dynamics gleaned from thousands of news articles each day.  Major events and developments in target accounts inform the buying propensity of a prospect / existing customer. To add to that, the analytics offer guidance at a more granular level to focus the sales team on challenges and issues addressable by the solution or product on offer. By aligning with prospect/customer’s pain early in the sales process, Account Executives can differentiate their offerings more effectively while accelerating opportunity closure.  An indicative summary of benefits driven through “intent data” and better proposition – pain alignment is as follows:

  • Improved forecasting accuracy on key accounts
  • Higher sales productivity (80-20, wins Vs effort)
  • Increase in account share of wallet
  • Larger deal size
  • Accelerated lead-to-cash


Einstein Opportunity Insights

Einstein leverages Sales Cloud data from historical sales cycles and engagement with customers (e.g., email) to identify unique patterns over the course of a customer’s buying journey. It layers past behaviour with trends to predict opportunity health and recognizes when deals are on track Vs being at risk; alerts and/or insights surfaced can guide sellers on counteractive measures to prevent the opportunity from getting derailed. In addition to course corrections, the insights inform situational tactics – recommendations on product offers, for example – that can increase win probability and reduce cycle time. A high level summary of feature-functionality enabled via Account Insights:

  • Deal predictions relevant through the opportunity progression cycle
  • Follow-ups (Pre-emptive reminders)
  • Key moments (Notification of defining moments on an opportunity)
  • Role based Insights (i.e.: Manager, Sales Rep)
  • Extensibility / Integration
    • Email/Gmail Integration
    • Office 365 Integration
  • Self-adapting model



Einstein Activity Capture

Sales representatives can focus on what matters most – progressing opportunities – instead of the operational tasks like recording and linking various events to the various stages of the sales cycle.  Einstein allows seamless integration with Microsoft and Google to capture email and calendar events When reps send and / or receive email and calendar events, Activity Capture adds the messages to the Activity Timeline records in Salesforce – no manual data entry is required at any stage. The captured messages are visible across the Activity Timeline so the entire sales team can stay informed in real-time.


The average rep spends upto 28 hours per week reading and answering email. Providing reps with the ability schedule meetings, disseminate information, and negotiate deals via Activity Capture frees up time that can be used to engage buyers instead.

In addition to the operational efficiency enabled via this process, email insights are surface to inform the interaction with a contact.

Key benefits of Activity Capture:

  • Supercharges Einstein with comprehensive activity data
  • Increase Sales Productivity (no manual logging of data)
  • Surface email insights to inform sales tactics
  • Automated email and calendar synchronization
  • Daily Activity Reports
  • Intuitive setup

Author : Parag Sharma

Parag Sharma is one of Hansen’s techno-functional Salesforce Quote to Cash experts.  He has had a variety of roles including Technical Lead and Technical Architect successfully delivering multiple full project lifecycle CPQ, Billing and CLM implementations into enterprise organisations across multiple verticals.


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