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With a number of options in the market, our customers regularly ask us about the respective merits of a variety of CPQ tools. There are no clear winners or losers and no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to choosing the right CPQ application as considerations like the size of the enterprise, industry vertical and complexity of use cases and business processes all come into play. In order to be able to provide the best advice, earlier this year we embarked on a mission to compare various CPQ tools and we will be publishing the results over the coming weeks via our Journal and social platforms. There are many products to look at, but we have decided to kick things off by comparing the functionality of two of the industry leading products – Apttus and Salesforce CPQ. In the first article, we will be drilling down into the detailed Pricing capabilities to see what the two applications offer.

In the enterprise sales cycle, pricing is always at the core. The various pricing methods and schemes used play a vital role in the overall CPQ process for the organisation. Unfortunately, during the evaluation and implementation phases of CPQ projects, most organisations are not well equipped with detailed information about the pricing capabilities and OOTB functionality available in in the various CPQ products that we find in the market today. Although both the Apttus and Salesforce products provide functionally rich solutions for industry standard pricing methods, there are subtle differences in the level of support which are mission-critical. Unlike other studies which have been done to date and which are predominantly based on theory, this study is based on our real-world experience and recent analysis of our Salesforce orgs utilising the latest versions of both of the products.

It is important to emphasise that the aim of this study is to present an unbiased comparison of the various pricing capabilities inside both products. The articulation is not to mark any of the products as a winner, instead highlighting their pricing potential and supported methods. Enterprises can benefit by matching the functionality of each with their underlying business needs, to select the most suitable solution.

If you require a more detailed analysis report or are interested in discussing any specific pricing point, feel free to contact us at ashish.arya@hansen.co.uk

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