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Fixed Fee Recruitment

Keep control and drive down costs…

Businesses around the world are looking to drive efficiencies across departments and we want to do our bit to help.  Utilising our Fixed Fee service you can increase the effectiveness of your recruitment initiatives while driving down costs at the same time.

With Hansen’s Fixed Fee service there is no placement fee to pay when you recruit a new permanent employee and no margin to pay when you increase your temporary headcount.

It’s no gimmick and there are no catches.  You pay Hansen a fixed monthly fee and our team of experienced ERP recruiters work hand-in-hand with your HR team, against pre-agreed KPIs, to procure the talent that you need to drive your business forward.

What does it cost?

Our monthly fees vary and are governed by your typical annual recruitment spend.  We work closely with you to analyse and profile your last year’s recruitment activity and to understand your next year’s HR plans in order to agree a fee that enables the Hansen team to deliver above and beyond expectation while driving down your recruitment spend by as much as 60-70%.

It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? And that is why the Fixed Fee service is offered to a strictly limited number of customers.  It’s not because we lack ambition it’s because we have a small, committed team and we won’t compromise the quality of the service that we provide.

How can I tell that the Fixed Fee service is working?


  • Response time (to initial request)
  • Submission time (to provide CVs)
  • CV volume
  • CV quality

 Who controls the HR process? 

In short, you do.  Our Fixed Fee service isn’t RPO; it is a service which significantly extends your recruitment search capability.  We recognise that no-one knows your business like you do so we respect your processes and systems and supply candidate details in exactly the way you ask us to.  We also know that you need to protect and promote your brand so you can be assured that we respect your reputation just as we respect our own.  We work closely with you to understand your corporate culture and promote your company values through the course of each recruitment initiative.

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